A.K.A cronos, a John C typically traps, constantly gets robbed, but still the good manz. A John C drives a ‘bella’ she should be disgusting and thrashed otherwise you can’t be a John C.
Yo u got a John C car type shit
by FISHINGCLUB October 30, 2019
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A well known author and columnist in the computer and tech world who now co-stars on the world's most listened-to podcast, This Week in Tech, aka TWiT. He has also recently become famous for his stance on spam emails.
"I GET NO SPAM!" -John C. Dvorak
by rimco September 07, 2005
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Tricking Google's SEO algorithm so you show up on page one for a somewhat tricky random target.
Aunt Becky pulled a John C. Mayer, and now her blog is #2 when you Google him!
by bellanottbelle September 16, 2010
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