40 definition by yeah

the kings of punk rock
(and originators)
first rule is be nice to mommy,second rule is the laws of germany,third rule
is don't talk to commies,fourth rule is
eat kosher sallamies. PURE GENIUS
by yeah July 21, 2004

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leet, ubar irl, fast like gleam the cube
I have two sides, one happy, one anger. You can ask a stranger, my board is fast and danger
by yeah January 16, 2003

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Is a school in Hanover NH. A lot of the students smoke pot. Is a well respected school, kids go on to do good things. The kids like most of the teachers. It's nice and stuff. It's near Dartmouth.
Person1: I have to go open up shop.
Person2: Did you go to Hanover?
Person1: Yeah
by Yeah December 22, 2004

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I'm not into them for the fucking lyrics, you retards. The music is amazing.
Cannibal Corpse is excellent (especially compared to extremely homo-erotic Dream Theater).
by Yeah December 02, 2004

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a black ski mask
ayo throw your murda 1 on so we can go rob that nigga from uptown
by yeah January 25, 2004

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most definatly the best damn band ever. www.thursday.net
Thursday, what else needs to be said
by yeah December 08, 2003

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When one talks about himself to a second party as being better than the rest of the population. While it is said to someone else, it is really just intended for the person to hear out loud how "awesome" they are. May be done out of deep-seated insecurity.
Matt: "I am going to be the most awesome lawyer. I am just a really compelling speaker blah blah blah"
Other people later: "Goddamn Matt was verbally masterbating so much there might be chafing."
by yeah April 13, 2003

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