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Best political party in Wales, we want independence because we're tired of Anglos pronouncing our country WAYLES

Where does the Y come from?

Fuck off
Dai: Oi Gwyl what do you think of independence

Gwyl: fuckin Cymru am byth byt, I support yescymru
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In British modern comedic countryside vernacular a terrierist is a person who has many hunting animals but generally not those that belong to gunmen (i.e Labradors).

They tend so be seen riding around on the back of quadbikes, in old ford rangers and walking around fields scrutinizing rabit warren entrances and such.

The countryside scholar may wish to put these fine chappies and chapettes into four categories, category one is the falconer who flies hawks, category two is the ferreter, category four is the beater who is always at a hunt and just wacks the hedgerow with a stick and category four is the dodgy bugger (poacher).

Of course the one thing that ties them together and gives them the name, is the fact that they will nearly always own a terrier(mix).
Farmer Dave: Those rabbits are getting at my Barley again.

Farmer steve: You can call in Fred, he's a terrierist.
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by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx December 09, 2020

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A townie (UK countryside slang) is a person from a town or a city.

Symptoms of this disease include being horrified that you've named the turkey that you're fattening up up for Christmas dinner, calling a cow a bull and not knowing what a heifer is.

This is a disease can be cured by living in the countryside for two years, and making yourself look like an arse to the amusement of every other country dweller.
Farmer Dai: Did you see that group of Londoners come into the pub earlier?

Farmer Arthur: I tell you what those bloody Townies do my head in.
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 09, 2021

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A combination of Chill and Relax, the most fucking infuriating word there's ever been.
Guy 1: Hey man just Chillax

Guy 2: I am going to urinate inside your eye sockets after they've been ripped out and sown into your scrotum if you ever say that to me again

Guy 1: Come on now, just Chillax...
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 22, 2021

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Derived from the British meaning of friend to mean one's gentleman's sausage.
How's your chap after last night, love?
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by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 19, 2021

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The opposite of drunk. If you are drunk you are unable to perceive reality properly, being knurd is having your comfortable illusions of life being stripped away and all of life's terrors are exposes.
Samuel is two drinks away from being drunk and is, therefore constantly a little bit knurd all the time.
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx November 10, 2020

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Welsh speakers slang for English people from the word Saesneg (to mean English)
Don't knock him, even though he's Saes
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 23, 2021

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