Also known as a chapstick lesbian. Just a fun way that a lesbian may indentify herself. Lesbian who is femme but also butch. She might wear a dress on one day, or baggy jeans and a starwars shirt for example. She likes to dress how she is feeling that day or how she wants to present herself. She wears what she wants.
Friend2 : what type of lesbian are you?
Friend1: i prefer to call myself a chapstick lesbian or a chap.
by Chocolatedude August 20, 2019
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Another name for child or children.
Tell those chaps to go to bed.
by Datsmiman January 24, 2012
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Derived from the British meaning of friend to mean one's gentleman's sausage.
How's your chap after last night, love?
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 19, 2021
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A physical and public humiliation defined by a light tap to the back of the neck originating at Arvin High School. A successful chap is characterized by a faint, but very distinguishable smacking sound, followed by laughter among those present.

It may also be used to describe an object that is sub-par, un-cool, stupid, or of poor quality.
One may precede a chap by saying the following:

"That's a chap"


"That burger was a chap!"

"Don't make me chap you!" (As a warning)
by Logos et arma January 7, 2011
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A crunchy treat often eaten as a snack or school lunch.

7 steps to be a chap

Be editable
Have carbs
Dont be a cham (soft chap)
Dont be a champ (sandwhich(etc) chap)
Be solid
Be crunchy
Be munchy

Bread can be considered a soft chap.
Common examples: Potato chips, corn chips, crackers, dorito chips, pie crust, cookies, tarts, and some breads.

"Would you like some of my chaps?"
by TheChapMaster September 5, 2018
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To smack someone in the back of the neck, so it loudly makes a snapping sound
I chapped him so hard he still has a mark on his neck.
by Sandboxkidyoungster September 13, 2018
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