14 definitions by xtina

thinks alli is 8-- thinks im a ditzy blonde--alli is blonde-- LOL LUV HIM THE BEST GUY EVA
Marcin is so hott i want to have his children.
by xtina February 28, 2003
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Step one: Punch someone in the face so hard their nose breaks.
Step two: Rip their nose off (You can do this with your hands)
Step three: Insert penis into the nostril cavity.

Outcome: The person will die because you will have ripped their nose up and filled their brain with semen.
My mom pissed me off, so I punchraped her.
by xtina February 26, 2005
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Bri went up to Christina while she was talking to a guy and told her she had to go home with her. She was pussy pausin on Christina's vibe
by xtina July 14, 2017
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a phrase one would use upon hearing something either stupid as shit, or just a general comeback such as "yer mom." Nah uh-ing is common in many farming regions, where vocabulary is below normal.
shauna-can i borrow your car?
by xtina May 28, 2004
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The tightest city in the wholewide world and if you people have a problem with that then F*** YOU.
by xtina September 24, 2003
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used to describe something that tastes good. like nummers or yummy.
mmmm this is nummerful!
by xtina April 05, 2004
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hot and sexy, bangable, LANKY..why lanky, i donno..foxy
foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy foxy
dylan is so plush when he bends over in p.e. class
by xtina April 07, 2005
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