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Marcin is a generally sweet guy, falls in love easily. He's soooooo funny ,he can be cocky.

Marcin doesn't always make the smartest decisions, though.

He has a great body physique, amazing talent at making out, most likely tall.

He has a very huge cock. =

Marcin is one of those guys you'll never , ever forget. He's an amazing friend, boyfriend...just a great companion of the opposite sex. Marcin is a goddess and is a boy that every girl needs in there life.
OMGGGG its Marcin hisss soooooooo cuteeeeee!!!!!!
by Nikolinaaa7987 May 25, 2018
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guy with long hair who has AMAZINGLY HOT pants ....whoa i want in them
Did you see Marcin's pants today?? They were amazing!! Orgasm!
by HotPants February 03, 2004
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thinks alli is 8-- thinks im a ditzy blonde--alli is blonde-- LOL LUV HIM THE BEST GUY EVA
Marcin is so hott i want to have his children.
by xtina February 28, 2003
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One hell of an obnoxious pirate. Are known to be blatantly racist and will laugh hysterically at their own jokes. Enjoys going on day-long rants, everyday. Marcins are hella cocky, and believe they are the greatest at everything, and will make everything great again. Also has the weirdest sexual desires.
Marcin: An arab walks into a party and says" wow, this party is the bomb" THE END! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Marcin: I would not call my self a saint, but I do possess saint-like virtues.
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A small polish elf who attends LCHS. He screams like a girl. He also likes horses
by Ricardo February 24, 2004
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Dumbass polack (or "polak" as he stupidly thinks). Dye your hair a normal color and get in some regular-fitting pants, faggot! Punk rock died in the '70s! Quit rapeing Joey Ramone's corpse with your shitty taste in music.
I like the way Marcin says the word "emo." Other than that, he's gay.
by Joe (of DP) June 23, 2004
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