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Back in the 80's there was a song called My Sharona. My Corona is a rhyming take off of that song. Along with the You Tube of the song "My Corona"
Hey did you see that song on YouTube song called My Corona Its a riot. It sounds familiar some how though. I have heard my parents my parents humming that tune and I know they don't listen to or watch You tube.
by word jockey April 14, 2020
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a small contraction of "black hat hacker" Computer hackers who write code and or viruses that are malicious in nature and intended to do harm and destroy things.
Crap now I have to think up an even longer more complex password Password 123 just isn't safe any more it seems.
Fricking black-hackers are really making the world a crappy place
by word jockey April 16, 2015
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He is a real tongue and groove expert. He was in the office going down on the Project manager at lunch and she was REALLY loving it.

eating at the Y, Eating your honey, eating her out,
by word jockey September 7, 2015
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Sort of like "Think this over" only with diminished decision making faculties. Usually poor decisions come from this course of action. The act of making a decision fueled by booze.
Gee let me see... You want me to come to your hotel room and get naked with you. Let me drink this over a minute will you. Ok... whats the worst that can happen.
by word jockey April 11, 2015
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Very similar to senile decrepitude only its not your brain that is soft.
Similar to whiskey dick.
A serious softening of the penis.
Hey man what is wrong with me?!?!?! Not even that wild ass HOT red head could get me hard last night. I must be getting old or something...

No man it was all that tequila you drank.
Yea but she was SO HOT... and she sat on my face for a half hour and nothing...
Wow dude you must have penile decrepitude setting in.
by word jockey September 8, 2013
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A person who makes up words either intentionally or unintentionally as they are speaking.
President Bush was quite the wordjockey today in that speech today
by word jockey October 10, 2010
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