Slang for oral sex performed on a female.
The 'Y' represents the silloute of a woman with her legs spread.
I'm taking a long lunch. I'm going to eat at the 'Y'
by Kagekatana May 7, 2003
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the slang term for performing cunnilingus on a woman.
the "Y" is a slang term for the YMCA which used to be a mens shelter offering dinner and sometimes a place to sleep.
"hey i just got back from eating at my girlfriends." "We at the "Y"
by Darren Anything November 7, 2002
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Slang for bringing a sandwich to the YMCA to enjoy after playing basketball.
"Want to go grab a bite down the street?"

"Nah, I brought something so I am eating at the Y."
by Johnny Eightball June 11, 2004
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