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(v) hanging out with class, style, and attitude (n) a way of life, the actual schlang session
(adj) "schlangin'" person - a player, or someone who exemplifies every good quality, or is really hot and tight.
"Gurl, you schlangin'"

"Wanna schlang with me tonight?? There is a party."

"He has like 5 girlfriends and is soo gorgeous. Dude be schlangin'!"

by schlanger479479479 July 10, 2008
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v. To throw or fling something without care or order.

v. To freely dangle (esp. in reference to male genitalia unencumbered by underwear)
1) What should I do with the pillow you asked me to move?

I don't care, just schlang it over there.

2) Guess what I'm doing right now.


Letting it hang loose.

You're letting it schlang? Gross.
by Mythrandir August 01, 2011
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basically anything you want it to mean, most commonly:

a. the act of getting laid

b. to totally own something

c. you sexy bitch
a. you totally got shlanged last night
b. wow you shlang at guitar hero
c. you schlang.
by sexy savvy November 08, 2009
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When something is schlang, it represents itself because it is what it is. No advertising, no pushing, no selling, no looking for it. It just does what it says on the tin. It's there because it can be. Doesn't need to be sold: it sells itself because it is just there. Schlang.
I'm Schlang. Nobody notices me and nobody passes me by. They see me and know that I'm here because I am. I'm Schlang.
by hEll July 12, 2004
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v. 1. to have sex with someone in a manner involving a mental or intellectual sort of connection, or have sex with someone in a slow, caring and yet fiercely forceful manner
She dreams of schlanging him: his textuality is so right up her alley she can feel it glide there.
by demitria monde thraam January 26, 2004
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