An expression of emotion, usually when something light-heartedly upsetting is happening.

Also, "holy cat-hair, man" may be used when desired.
1) Joe goes to the refrigerator for some milk. He finds an empty carton. He says "Holy Cat-hair, who drank all the milk?!?"

2) Susie and Jane meet for a movie. They find they are wearing the same outfit! They say to each other, "Holy cat-hair man, you're wearing my outfit!!?!"
by AmberRoseJr March 31, 2009
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Cat hair weed is marijuana that is found on the floor of your friends room that is covered in cat hair, it is weed lost from the table by small mistakes when either rolling a joint, blunt or when packing a bowl to smoke. This weed is considered free and is readily smoked with no hard feelings from it owner. Also it is often packed into unsuspecting smokes bowls so that everyone can laugh at them for not knowing. Similar to a nature bowl
You find weed on the carpet that is covered in cat hair or other debris, that is cat hair weed
by Lonesmoker January 13, 2012
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Used to refer to the horrible dreadlocks of white college kids. See also trustafarian.
Townie #1: Check out that guy with the cat poop hair!
Townie #2: Yeah, I betcha that trustafarian goes to Colorado College.
by Smickey September 8, 2006
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Boy 1: so, how did it goo with Jane last night

Boy 2: o god, it was going hot till she took off her pants, she really needs to give the cat a hair cut

Boy1: harsh man
by sexistripperchick July 2, 2009
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