87 definition by will bitten

Assuming that every Cab Driver who is Middle Eastern has the first name of Habeeb/Habib. The word is a combination of Cab and first name.
I grabbed a Taxi and Cabeeb took me downtown.
by will bitten October 10, 2016

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When an obese woman is trying to exercise in LuluLemon pants and it creates a giant wet stain down the crack of her ass.
"This 300lb woman was in front of me at the gym stretching and I noticed her ass sweating so much she had LuluLemonade!"
by will bitten October 09, 2016

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When someone places roofies in women's drinks.
"Did you hear what happened to those 2 chicks. Yeah some dude was Going Cosby on their drinks!"
by will bitten December 03, 2016

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When you are passed out drunk and your girlfriend still want sex by pulling your dick out of your pants
Rhonda still still wanted to fuck even though Scott was passed out. She became a Dick Poacher when she pulled his pants down to grab his cock to go at it.
by will bitten December 04, 2016

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Any type of footwear that has velcro fastening.
I saw this guy wearing a fanny pack and a pair of Retarded Shoes but there was nothing wrong with him
by will bitten December 18, 2016

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A term to describe the sycophant of the office who has the distinct ability to blend in with management by bag licking .
Charles didn't care whose dick it was in upper management that he was sucking to get promoted because he was a Cock Chameleon and can adapt to any situation.
by will bitten December 19, 2016

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A term describing a set of breasts that curve upward from the bottom resembling a pair of Elf Boots.
The lady working in women's apparel had no bra section for ladies with Elf Boot Titties.
by will bitten December 19, 2016

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