The latin word for "Invincible".

It is also the title of the popular optimist poem by William Ernest Henley.
Have you read the poem called Invictus?
by Robert Compton July 19, 2006
The name of a certain gamer who never gives up and always prevails
Invictus was about to clutch when cavi came up his butt
by ThyAsianDanny July 23, 2020
Latin, "I remain unconquered"
No matter what trials I must undergo, invictus maneo!
by Arasithil October 19, 2003
Invictus Maneo is the Motto for the Armstrong Clan of Scotland. Officially, the meaning of the Latin phrase is "I Remain Unvanquished".
I am a strong and proud Scotish-American woman. Invictus Maneo!
by RahArmstrong January 14, 2009
Awesome. Some cultures use his name as an equivalent for the word Awesome. Hangs around Darth Raxxas a lot.
He is so Darth Invictus
by Darth Invictus April 14, 2010