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An event held every 4 years where people with disabilities compete in many different events. It is based off of the Olympics and is held a week after the Olympics at the same place.
Jessica Long swam at the Paralympics and won gold
by Swimmingbrunette October 28, 2013
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A series of somewhat pointless events or games carried out by a group of mates after a big night out drinking.
Me and the boys got real smashed last night and held our own paralympics in the carpark. I won the 50m car hurdles.
by mrpain September 22, 2008
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Brilliant comedy tv show on the bbc that shows every few years or so that makes fun of spastics and midgets making feeble attempts at doing stuff that proper people do.
q.What is better than winning the paralympics.
a.being able to walk
by clibedij January 17, 2006
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