An event held every 4 years where people with disabilities compete in many different events. It is based off of the Olympics and is held a week after the Olympics at the same place.
Jessica Long swam at the Paralympics and won gold
by Swimmingbrunette October 28, 2013
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A series of somewhat pointless events or games carried out by a group of mates after a big night out drinking.
Me and the boys got real smashed last night and held our own paralympics in the carpark. I won the 50m car hurdles.
by mrpain September 22, 2008
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A broken biscuit. One who is special and not the same as every other biscuit in the packet.
I can't dunk this paralympic biscuit, it's just not happening.
by HelenaHypnotise September 20, 2008
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"when someone has the speification, ambition or required qualites to apply for the paralympics"
jingles: waahhh, look at that kid over there,
Holly: ii, he can hop faster than i can run!
jingles: if only he had one leg, he would have some serious paralympic potential.
by Holltv & Jamtv April 5, 2010
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