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Oh you’re a Fletcher Fan? Isn’t that just a funny way of saying that you’re a clown and simp for Cari Fletcher?
by virgoxvirgo October 31, 2020
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Usually a person in the LGBTQ+ community that doesn’t label their sexuality and/or gender.

Is similar to queer.
Cari goes by unlabeled, not lesbian.
by virgoxvirgo October 31, 2020
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The nickname of New Jersey native singer, Cari Fletcher.
Fletch Daddy could step on me with her boots, choke me with a croissant, then break a bottle of tequila over my head and I’d thank her
by virgoxvirgo October 31, 2020
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When people around you have/are getting girlfriends and now you’re catching the bug and want one too
Alex’s friend has a girlfriend, they’re always posting on Instagram together and holding hands, now I think Alex is starting to catch girlfriend fever
by virgoxvirgo March 9, 2021
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Initials of King Princess, who’s a singer, musician, and legal gay royalty.
KP could step on my neck and I’d thank her
by virgoxvirgo February 13, 2020
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And you know she’s dope, running so fast she be running down a slope. She’s a brainiac check her SATs, no girl in this game can run it like her. Check out her hair, and her curves. She’s the only beveridge that can’t be served. Lil Bev-always on the track, L O V E also known as JMac
by virgoxvirgo December 25, 2020
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Someone with a genital preference for yonic (vulvic/vaginal) parts.
Mary is homoromantic, meaning she’s romantically into women; homosexual, meaning she’s sexually into women both trans and cis; additionally, she’s a yoniphile, meaning she’s only sexually attracted to people with yonic genitals.
by virgoxvirgo March 7, 2021
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