Usually a person in the LGBTQ+ community that doesn’t label their sexuality and/or gender.

Is similar to queer.
Cari goes by unlabeled, not lesbian.
by virgoxvirgo October 31, 2020
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When one does not want to be tied down to another and be labeled as boyfriend/girlfriend, being unlabeled also means you do everything a couple would but your not together.
Can we be unlabeled, I’m not ready to be official.
by December 31, 2020
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where a woman chooses not label their sexuality or doesn’t feel comfortable with a label, but identifies with the term sapphic, meaning they’re wlw
“My sexuality is unlabeled sapphic, i identify as sapphic, but don’t label my sexuality beyond that!”
by gaysockmonkey October 18, 2021
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Not having a label for sexuality. Similar to just “Queer” or “Gay.” People who are unlabeled do not see a need for labels OR do not feel like their is a sexuality they fall into OR they may think labels cause stereotypes. Very cool.
I am unidentifed/ unlabeled because I do not see myself being held back by a label. I love who I love and that’s on periodt.
by DaddyMints February 5, 2021
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