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Cari is an amazing woman, who is not only sweet and kind but also has an overpowering sex appeal. She is very unique in her own kind of way and is mostly misunderstood. Her confidence level varies on who she talks to and the friends that she keeps close to her will be with her forever. Most Cari's are scorpios and usually get snappy when you piss them off, but that's only in their nature. They only appear to be shy on the outside but once they have opened up they are the craziest person you know. I'm obviously trying to say that all girls named Cari are pretty much amazing c:
1. "Dayumm, that girl Cari wouldn't let me talk to her at all! She's too uptight."

"What are you talkin about sahnn, that girl's freak."

2. "Meh, there's this person at my job that's kind of weird."

"Hmm? Nahh, she's just being a Cari."
by CaramelNinja April 26, 2010
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1. Girl's name
2. A very hot girl who is secretly very dirty but no one would know it.
3. A rampant sex beast - amazing in bed.
4. other meanings: flows like water (turkish)/ melody (old french)/ free man (german/french)/ love (gaelic)/ beloved (latin)
1. "I think that Cari girl's a babe."
2. "See that girl over there.. She's a bit of alright eh? I reckon she's a bit of a cari."
3. "Awww mate! You should've seen the girl I went home with last night.. gorgeous! And she was such a cari in bed!"
by Andrew Sykes April 24, 2008
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Often classified as unique and beautiful people . People with the name Caris are often known to have great qualities .
That girl was really nice , her name should be Caris
by Lisa Lays August 08, 2009
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A large, tank-like, humanoid; said to be a major asset to the Power Rangers. When evil is at hand; the human tank shall prevail.
Caris is my favourite character. He definitely passed Go, and collected $200.
by Naraku June 24, 2004
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Caris is a kind girl who loves to party. She may appear shy but can be loud and rowdy. She can make any guy happy with a flash of a smile.
Random Boy: Look its caris! cant believe she flashed yesterday at the party... shes so quiet!

Caris smiles

Random Boy: Wow shes so pretty
by comeherebeautiful January 19, 2014
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Caris is bootifool girl, she goes out with a boy called Logan. He has a weird stench on him. And a really bad hair cut. They go perfect together because they booth stink. Logan doesnโ€™t go for moths. Especially **** is a moth. They are perfect together. Tyyyylllerrrrr is a faggot
Woah is that Caris and Logan!there so cute! Ew is that a moth
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