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One who enjoys all that fire has to offer. Could be artists or maniacs.
That pyro is a maniac.
by trombley October 20, 2003

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The Infected are a race of rage infected humans that were bit by primates also known as monkeys that were infected with rage. Slowly but surely the world becomes infected with rage. Slashing and biting they mix their blood and saliva with the wounds of the victims, making them- infected!
Watch out for The Infected, they are everywhere!
by trombley December 02, 2003

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Slow and go refers to drug use where everything seems like slowmo, and then it is kicked into high gear by a stimulant. Never tried it, don't!
Slow and go sucks
by trombley November 04, 2003

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1 vote on Urban Dictionary usually means that they are the person to rate their own dumb word. Especially when there is 5 stars and 1 vote.
Look at me I gave my word 5 stars.
by trombley November 04, 2003

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good clean fun
by trombley October 31, 2003

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Real clubs and real balls, just on the wrong kind of course. Hit the cars, smash the windows, hit that guy with the club instead of the ball.
Smack em in the head. Golf time.
by trombley November 04, 2003

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The very powerful empire that when unleased would rule the entire earth. It would take time but global domination would be futile.
The trombleyempire is too strong. That is too bad.
by trombley November 04, 2003

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