A pyromaniac is someone who loves fire or fires,just as someone else might like football.They like to burn things.
We're all pyros,we love to burn...
by Where are all the monkeys October 21, 2004
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A person who likes to burn or blow things up
Matt is such a pyromaniac, he blew up his house.
by Matt April 27, 2003
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One who enjoys all that fire has to offer. Could be artists or maniacs.
That pyro is a maniac.
by trombley October 20, 2003
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A person who absolutely loves fire. The smell of gas or smoke sends them into ecstasy. Lighting a candle and blowing it out and relighting it and blowing it out repeatedly, watching the smoke lightly twirl around in the air, is a good sign of an pyro. Many pyros can figure out different types of gas and/or what's being burnt just from the smell. Watching a flame on a lighter flickering is fun and addicting, but watching a full piece of paper burn all the way to the bottom is complete elation. Pyromaniacs are difficult people to understand and are often confused with arsonists. Pyromaniacs know how fire works, can predict in which direction it will burn, how much smoke the fuel will make, how quickly an object will burn, what the burning object will smell like even before it is being burnt, knows how to mix chemicals to make cool flames (like boric acid with alcohol for a green flame) and other crazy cool things. An 11 year old kid who wants to be bad ass in front of his friends and owns a lighter and makes what he calls "fireworks" (i.e. match rockets, penny bombs, etc.) is NOT a pyromaniac, just a fag.
11 year old: "Hey look guys! I just made a FLAMETHROWER out of an Axe deodorant can and a lighter!! haha wow I'm such a pyromaniac!!!"

Friends: "No, dude, you're not, you're a fag. Anybody can make a 'flamethrower' out of deodorant and a lighter. Can you make a pipe bomb? No? You haven't? Can you tell the difference between the smell of butane and natural gas? You can't?! Well then you're not a fucking pyro! Go home and play with your matches."
by kkkraig February 02, 2009
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one who just likes fire, and has no reason for burning things. pyromania is a mental illness. people who burn things to prove a point or protest are most likely not pyromaniacs.
shortened: pyro
i once set my carpet on fire just to watch it burn, because i am a pyromaniac.
by udontknowme October 28, 2003
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a person who is completely fire obsessed, even if they get hurt by fire. or, moreso in my case, someone who is obsessed or in love with x-men's pyro, st. john allerdyce, or aaron stanford, and does anything to relate to them
by Alira January 17, 2004
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a person who likes to burn things, blow things up and just be suicidal with flames
rich is trying to petrol bomb his neibours cat again while jumping through a log fire

lewis is burning his garden shed with lighters and matchsticks

¬_¬ crazy Pyromaniacs they are always good for a party or bonfire night ^_^

by speed_ne0 September 24, 2005
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