to be high while driving.
Josh: dude let me drive

beck: no dude why?

Josh: your driving in high gear!
by Tim121028 March 27, 2008
the premptive idea, or state of mind to succeed at sexual interaction with the opposite sex. This state tends to produce the most desparate attempts at sex, with the most hilarious outcomes.
Dan was such high gear last night, he did a fatty.
by Randy Spychest February 18, 2008
1. The act of putting one's car into high gear

2. Putting extra speed in one's activities
2. Carl "Okay, we got 1 hour left! Let's shift into high gear, and get this job done!"
by SkyCharger July 22, 2008
A badass phrase used by road warriors and mecha pilots alike. Used to inspire friends and psych enemies alike. There are usually machines like cars or mechs. Use at your own risk in real life.
"Kick it to high gear!" -Mecha Kingdoms Jax from League of Legends, after pressing his Ultimate Ability.

"Today I will show you how to kick it into high gear, at Rally City Farm." -Josh Sattin, verified Youtuber and Humanist.
by hatecomplexx January 28, 2021