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A hot, smelly gas bubble expelled from the anus thus causing a burning like feel around the anus, sounds wet but sometimes silent and simultaneously causing a disgusting, panic causing, rotten-egg like aroma. Basically when you have the craps and your stomach is bothering you,most of the time those wet sounding smelly farts you squeeze out at that time is an acid fart my friend. Enjoy them.
Dude,I let out the worst acid fart in Debbie's face.

I thought I was going to shart but I just released an acid fart.
by tophieCC January 15, 2009

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when you have swamp ass and from under cheese and it mixes together.
In gym class I had so much Penis Butter cooking up,it started to smell and drip.

Dude never smell your Penis Butter, EVER!

Gross,did you hear that John Kirk actually thought Penis Butter was like Apple Butter so he put it on his toast and ate it.
by tophieCC September 03, 2009

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the time during your blumpkin when your done taking the crap so whether or not its still ocuring the person giving it will receive a golden shower......but its mainly in their mouth/on their face.
I heard he gave her a golden blumpkin thats why they broke up.
by tophieCC March 11, 2010

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a mix of a dingle berry and a dust bunny, when you have lint stuck to your pubic hairs or butthole hairs in some cases mixed with poop but not all.
Man after gym class I took my whitey tighteys off and found an ass amount of dingle bunnys.
by tophieCC August 28, 2010

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the lines starting from your hip bones and they curve in thus forming your breath taking coochie.....in a good or bad way.
Honey please pull your shirt back down cause your coochie lines are showing!
by tophieCC September 26, 2009

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similar to the "mile high club" but instead of sex you just simply get your salad tossed.
Hey baby you wanna go make a mile high salad cause I got a whole lot of ranch for you.
by tophieCC September 26, 2009

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when a person, most of the time a girl, has soo much cellulite on their upper legs that when exposed in shorts the cellulite looks like a vagina.
I wonder how many rings she has around her vagina jelly.

That girl is getting pretty chunky,shes starting to sprout vagina jelly.

I'm pretty sure she could fit a phat stack of pennies in her vagina jelly.

Dude have you ever tried to "get sum" of her vagina jelly?

Dude no,its probably like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

Her vagina jelly resembles boiling tomato soup.
by tophieCC September 03, 2009

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