Ann: "The city and all the volunteers have done a great job with this recycling, composting and gardening project."

Mike: "100 percent."
by yes juanito yes November 7, 2014
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1. Full completion

2. Beating all levels of a video game, not just the main story.
1. I just completed 100 percent of this book.

2. I just got 100 percent on Batman: Arkham City.
by The_Visionary July 6, 2014
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The act of Jacking off and blowing your load into someones sunscreen after the said act you say here is 100 percent stiffy juice
Man I pissed off people after I blew a hot steamy load of 100 percent stiffy juice into some sunscreen
by FoxGuardJ October 24, 2019
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a cup of patrone with a full can of skoal chewing tobacco crushed in like a mojito.
bartender, can I get a 100 percent pure death shot? Thank you goodbye.
by bartender 101 November 23, 2007
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