The sound a shovel makes when it hits you in the face.
That chick is a real pang.
That chicks got a hot body but she's gotta pang face!
by medicpaul May 2, 2005
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Another term for "good"
A slang word made up in the late 90's.
To be said in a positive manner
Can be said in many ways
"Those jeans are pang"

"This weed is pang"

"That dude/girl is pang"
by Mizz Montana October 1, 2009
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Use in the East midlands especially Grantham near Nottingham to describe a very very attractive woman.
Oi Warren check out that pang across the road.. she is seriously fine.

by knockalot May 4, 2007
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"yo, dude, i panged your mom last night...BURN"
by Robb, and Grant February 7, 2004
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the male genetailia (e.g. penis, wang, wee wee, wiener, dick)often refering to in the "excited" state
My pang was quite hard last night.
She sucked on a pang.
Sulla eats pang.
by Butt-sex-master June 25, 2004
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