A city in southern Poland worth visiting.
3rd most populated city in Poland (ca. 800'000 citizens)
It's truly worth to see Cracow.
by tony November 7, 2004
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A man that carries a knife all the time and stabs random people just to be "safe". His lungs does not exist theyre just a pile of ash. This type of person is disgusted by women. Hates Warsaw and is extremly fucking gay. Has a massive cock in a size of the titled towers in other words a massive horsecock. Everyone would prefer to stay away from that person.
Hates jews and believes in god. Is easly offended (might straight up fucking kill you)
A: Ey yo is that a man from Cracow?
B: Shit man we better get the fuck outta here
by ojciecmateusz November 22, 2021
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