v. (state of being) When a person has played Super Smash Bros. entirely too much, and can no longer stand the game.

It is not uncommon for a person who is "smashed out" to feel nauseous or enraged when in the same room as people playing Super Smash Bros.
"No, seriously guys, I'm smashed out. Turn that off, lets watch some TV."

"Dude, if you keep playing now you're going to be smashed out later tonight when we have nothing else to do."
by University Inn April 24, 2008
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1. A term used for a girl/guy to describe how awful they look after being used too much.

2. A girl slutting around too much and everyone knows about it.
Stephen: I see Jess with a different guy everytime I run into her.

Charlie: Yeah me too. Jess looks completely smashed out from whoring around too much.
by Joe Ureel April 8, 2009
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Verb phrase: To have angry or disrespectful sex with a woman in the doggy position.
"Smash out" in use...

Bob: That Paris Hilton really gets up my arse.

Bill: You'd smash it out though wouldn't you.

Bob: Oh yeah, I'd smash it out.
by GW777 January 6, 2010
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To have familiar relations with, usually sex.
If you're going to smash out with that skank, wear a condom.
by BigIrish June 24, 2006
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To Smash Out is to party till the party is OVER... to be so damn trashed that you spent the night SMASHING OUT. The Smash Out originated 4 thousand years ago, but remains alive in Miami where the SMASH hosts SMASH HOUSE parties every week.
Tonight is that party at Voyage... Im going to SMASH OUT.
by BZSMASHED February 27, 2009
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Getting something DONE. Not to be confused with smashing 'one' out. Although is somewhat related as you are technically getting something done when you smash one out.
I've just been smashing out these assignments all weekend.
by John Wordsworth December 1, 2013
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