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A name that means the third or three, Trey is an original ingenius man with a kind heart and a generous nature. He's shy so he loves gaming, hanging out with a few friends, and opens up after getting to know you better. He's also hilarious with a quirky sense of humor and an excellent problem solver. He enjoys creating things that involve manufacturing, architectural engineering, and sometimes even screenplays for speech and debate or theater arts! He's an awesome friend, son, and no doubt the best person to have on your team!
Friend 1: OMG! Trey just slayed that dragon playing D&D the other night with his friends like it was nothing!

Friend 2: He's definitely a master wizard and a master of puppets!
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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A phrase people say when someone creeping stares way too hard at a person or an object.
Girl: "Damn, why is he staring so fucking creepy at me?"
Girl's friend: "Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer!"
Girl: "Freak!"
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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The author and publisher of all things Thereal Chronicles. Songs, poems, monologues, manuscripts, and textbook style educational promos that shout out her favorite topics like mythology, history, theory, ancient aliens, science, pseudoscience, quantum physics, and even her own random tweets about philosophy and karma on TherealChroniclesark.wordpress.com and therealchronicle.us.
Stalker: "Have you stalked Nina Amber Rose on Facebook or Twitter?"

Fan 1: Oh yeah, nina amber rose is a real person with authentic thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are super hilarious on Facebook at NinaAmberRose and whattayaknow, she is the creator of her own destiny! Her name is Nina Howell!
Fan 2. Oh shit! She tweets at TherealArkHive! I think I am in love Nina Amber Rose!

Fan 1: Totally in love!
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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Nina Howell is a character from the movie Easy A.
"...the one where you got suspended from calling Nina Howell a dick." - Easy A
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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A title given by a Hobbit named Smeagol aka Gollum to the "One Ring to Rule Them All" from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!
This title is often given to a significant other or a family member or a friend when you want to make them feel valued and laugh, especially when pronounced in a Smeagol voice.
A single woman sees a handsome man heading her way and thinks, "my precious!"

The man wonders where that Smeagol voice came from.

The woman laughs.
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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Pete Buttigieg is the most intellectual, least corrupted (Congress has many snakes), and greatest ally to all Americans from every ethnicity of all of the Democratic candidates of 2020. His expansive reach to communities such as veterans, LGBTQ, people of all colors, and understanding of the American Dreams of citizens and immigrants proves he is the man fit to lead this 2020 Precidential Election!
US Citizen: "Have you heard the amazing speeches veteran Mayor Pete Buttigieg has given lately?"
Bilingual Immigrant: "How do you say his name again?" - "Su nombre otra vez?"
US Citizen: "It's Boot-edge-Edge!"
Bilingual Immigrant: "Bien!"

People Chanting: "Boot-edge-edge, Boot-edge-edge, Boot-edge-edge, Boot-edge-edge, Buttigieg!"
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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A phrase people use when they're really passive aggressive and too cowardly to just admit that they're not really sorry. They tend to try to program potential friends to be their friends/slaves who don't even truly like them. Often, these losers phrases are used by controlling, manipulative, freaks.
Loser: "I'm sorry but, I want you to be my slave."
Winner: "F you, I am an American!"
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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