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The dude that wants and DESERVES the precious. He had it in the first place and Frodo only has it because Bilbo stole it. Bilbo must die forever and ever.
It's mine. My Own. My precious.
by Smi November 28, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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smeagol wants to smoke the preeeeciousssss
by urban asshole February 27, 2010
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Verb: To act in a sneaky, sly, or conniving manner. Generally, when one 'smeagols' something from another. It's a sneaky form of thievery, generally between friends, and is not used to express anger. It can be used in different ways however, for instance, cutting in front of somebody in line (He smeagolled his way to the front). As long as it's sneaky and lightly dishonest, it's 'smeagolling.'
Derived from the character Smeagol in lord of the rings.
When Jack said he was leaving, he actually went up into my room and smeagolled a movie from me.
When the car beside us slowed, i sped up and smeagolled my way into his spot.
by Reed7777 July 07, 2006
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1. (noun) A twisted, anorexic creature that desires one thing alone: the One Ring.

2. (verb) To be obsessively selfish or possessive over an object or person.
1. Smeagol WANTS IT!!

2. Dude, stop smeagoling my woman.
by DanDare September 04, 2003
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The act of convincing a friend to do something fun, when he or she clearly has other responsibilities and/or sleep to attend to. This strategy is often employed when seeking another player for a video game or board game.
Pete: "Dude, time for another round of Smash Bros."
Matt: "But it's 1am, and I still have two papers to write!"
Pete: "Come on, just one round! Chuck and Pat are in! *Smeagol voice* You knows you wants to..."
Matt: "Fine, you smeagoled me."
by DK64 February 08, 2014
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The best and most lethal creature on the planet.
contruary to popualar beleif, he IS alive and the only reason that he died in the book(and the movie) was because J.R.R.Tolkien wanted the good side (frodo) to win.
smeagol is more than a *quote* anorexic slimey creature that wants the precious *end quote*.

The only thing smeagol loves is the precious, a powerful and beautiful ring that turns its wearer invisible.

smeagol will squeeze you, you smeagol-hater.
smeagol wantsss the preciousssssss.
smeagol squeeezzessssss.
by QueenAmonWoo July 04, 2006
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