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something that you come out of when you're born and then spend the rest of your life trying to get back into
vagina is fun to play with
by thegreatcornholio May 10, 2008

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The Things That Give Life Meaning And Joy.
Bill Was Depressed until he saw a pair of boobs, now it's nearly impossible to wipe that smile of his face.
by thegreatcornholio June 26, 2007

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an evil dictator bent on ruling the world
dr phil has a mustache just like adolph hitler and joseph stalin did
by thegreatcornholio January 13, 2008

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a pretty good band with a misleading name
they call themselves the foo fighters, but you never see them fighting any foos
by thegreatcornholio January 27, 2008

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a word that's fun to yell out at random moments.
Teacher: Can Anybody Give Me An Answer to yesterday's homework?

Student: PENIS!
by thegreatcornholio September 17, 2007

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a hit comedy series staring god and jesus
jesus: wow god, alot of those people on earth really like us.
god: i know, it's almost like they worship us.
*cue fake laughter*

christianity is loved all over the world by stupid people.

by thegreatcornholio March 30, 2008

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simply put, death metal for pussies
Grindcore "vocalist": (sound of pigs dying)
by thegreatcornholio December 05, 2007

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