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The guy who was right. or a term to describe that someone is annoying and/or loves lemon parties (Look it up)... (Dont)
Jackson, Don't stomp on that orphan! you're such an Adolph Hitler
by partyXpoison August 22, 2019
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A Schizophrenic man who was the leader of the Nazi's political party and Holocaust. He killed 6 million minorities, including Jews, those who had physical and/or mental illnesses, babies (because they could not work), and other minorities who he believed were the cause of ALL problems. He was also aided by his brainwashed and manipulated followers. What some people don't know is that Hitler's father was Jewish and abandoned him as a child. Some people even believe the Holocaust never existed, although there was ample proof.
Adolph Hitler was very charismatic, as are many murderers (Ted Bundy, for example).
by Kelso24 April 20, 2009
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