Person 1: "the foo's about to overrun us!"
Person 2: "No they're not, here come the Foo Fighters!"
by Doeth February 24, 2020
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A band of brave fighters who took down the species that terrorized the earth long ago known as the “foo
“Bro how did the foo go extinct
The foo fighters took em out”
“Wow that’s sick”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ August 1, 2020
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1. An amazing band.
2. A mysterious ball of light that followed WW2 US planes sometimes know as "Kraut Balls", they were attributed to Japan, but could be of extra-terrrestrial origin
1. Nate Mendel in the Foo Fighters is an amazing bassist
2. Aghh! There are foo fighters all around the plane. We are doomed!
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
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1) Unidentified lights in the night sky in WWII seen by some American fliers over the Pacific Ocean and Germany at night. "Foo" comes from a comic by Bill Holman. Not fully explained, but most likely a result of "Aviator's Vertigo."

2) A great, though uneven, rock band fronted by Dave Grohl, who may be the coolest thing that has ever been.
When flying over the Atlantic, Dave Grohl reportedly saw some foo fighters, and said "cool." Then he went back to sleep to dream about how cool he is.
by LudwigWittgenstein May 4, 2009
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