A necklace is not a piece of jewelry but someone’s hand around your throat. Choke me.
“ oh my god did you see his hand veins?”
“ What a nice necklace
by LyssaPissa November 30, 2019
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Girl: Can i have a new necklace
Guy: a what
Girl: your hand dumbass
by pen15!!! September 26, 2020
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To kill someone by cutting their throat, stabbing, or other means. Usually in prison.
The prisoner didn’t pay his debt so they gave him a necklace to make an example of him.
by Lavitra Jones May 15, 2019
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It's a word created by a bunch of stupid ass people just to fuck around.The word has no meaning, but the SWAG(secretly we are gay) community believe it to be something extraordinary and out of the universe just like the word 'Gucchi ' for a lil'pump fan.
A: Hello! what's up?
by golomolo April 20, 2018
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"necklacing" is putting a tire around one's neck, igniting it in fire and amply burning and suffocating one's contempted victim. (to death)
In 1985 a crowd in South Africa necklaced a policeman on the soccer field.
by SpecialJ July 25, 2004
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when you ejaculate on a chick's neck while shes giving you a blowjob.
Last night i was giving Chris a blowjob and he totally gave me a necklace
---true story
by yjm March 21, 2006
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