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Wasteful spending and hoarding by selfish decision-makers in large businesses:

Huge salaries, golden handshakes, bad investments, long vacations, perks, tax evasion, and embezzling.
Due to corporate greed America is going to Hell in a handbasket!!!
by thedzone October 05, 2009
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Monopoly "Go to Jail" phrase that has evolved to mean:
Its all over; No more; Thats it; Stop; Go no further; End of story.
That crazy drunk driver plowed over the chicken coop, flew through the billboard sign and into the lake: Do not pass Go! Do not collect 200 dollars!
by thedzone October 02, 2009
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A complete ass-kissing brown-nose willing to do almost anything to benefit from his superior.
Those middle-management suckups are at it again trying to get my job by kissing the boss's ass!!!

She's such a suckup...her nose is brown!

She broke all the rules and didn't get in trouble from the boss--what a suckup!!

That suckup is such a teacher's pet doing extras for bonus points--oooooh i'm so impressed!
by thedzone September 24, 2009
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A room that performers wait in before they go on stage.

It is usually a small room that has a couch and is close to the stage. It is very rarely painted green!

I was a stage hand for 6 years and they told me the term "green room" came form the days of yore: The Shakespearian actors waited in a room full of green plants before they went on stage--thus the term " green room."

It also may be from the new or "green" performers waiting there before going on stage.
I was in the green room making out with Little Bo Peep!!

Did you see all the smoke coming from the green room OMG!!!

She won't come out of the green room: she's having a bitch-fit!
by thedzone September 24, 2009
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Term for a movie geared for women. Quite often seen on cable TV like The Hallmark Channel and endorsed by people like Oprah. These movies make women the heros and show life from a woman's perspective. Most men hate these films cuz they are cheezy and dumb. Pussy-whipped men like them...or pretend to.
Wife: Honey, lets watch: She Finally Kills The Bad Guy!
Husband's mind: ( Not another chick flick! )
Husband's reply: ...yes dear.
by thedzone October 04, 2009
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Mid to late 1970s necklace made of small round white shells.
Worn by surfers, it caught on and was a big fad. Worn usually snug around the neck; they were a status symbol until about 1980; they came back in style for a short time many years later.
Zimmerman: I'm gonna break that Puka Shell Necklace punk!

Me: (HUH?)
by thedzone October 11, 2009
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Older term used when you forget or don't know the name of something. Same as saying whatchamacallit.
Quick hand me that thingamabobber!
You mean the screwdriver?

We used to have fun on that watchamacallit.
The roller coaster?
by thedzone October 12, 2009
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