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A small shack to store wood for burning...usually logs. Back in the old days when a whooping was legal to give your children, a parent would take a child there to whoop them good for being bad.
Son in 1930: Fuck off mom!...oops.

Father in 1930: I heard that...you best go back to the woodshed now.

Son in 1930 woodshed: oooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
by thedzone October 09, 2009
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1. A stranger in a strange land.
2. One from a different country.
3. In the Midwest and Southern US many people are considered foreigners if they are from a different state, county, or town.
4. A successful Rock band named Foreigner.
1. I am foreign to this area.
2. I hate those foreigners who don't speak English.
3. Now lookie here... we don't want none of them foreigners from Jackson County 'round here!
4. Sorry dude, I got so drunk at the Foreigner concert that I crapped my pants.
by thedzone October 06, 2009
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A totally uncool prude!

Made famous on SNL by Dana Carvey in old lady drag stating

OMG you are acting like such a church lady!

Stop acting like a church lady...I'm gonna puke!!

OK church lady...PARDON ME!!!!!

Dude--you sound like such a a church lady!!!
by thedzone September 30, 2009
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British phrase that kids ask their neighbors-similar to USA's
"Trick or Treat"-because they need money for the Guy Fawkes dummy that they are making for the parade and bonfire.
(knock knock on door) " 'ello then and what ye need?"

" Penny for the Guy?"

" The' ye ar' "

"Thanks mista' "
by thedzone October 02, 2009
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1. A man in front of an area such as a circus or side show, talking and shouting to get people interested in buying a ticket or spending money; often wearing a straw hat, and a red and white striped blazer.
2. A dog that barks too much.
3. An unattractive female.
1. That barker really cost me a fortune with his fast talking!!!
2. That little barker next door kept me up all night long!!
3. Man...that girl over there is a real barker... woof-woof!
by thedzone August 06, 2010
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Neanderthalic chant that is heard from the audience or fans of Jerry Springer. Always repeated for emphasis when something wacky and zany is going to happen...like a cat fight.
Floozy #1 She gots ta gets away from my man!
Floozy #2 No, I ain't gonna, he's mine!
Jerry Springer: Uh oh...sounds like trouble!
Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
by thedzone October 03, 2009
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Term coined by comedian George Carlin for the worst possible person in the world from a conservative American's point of view during the hippie era thus: A communistic homosexual addicted to heroine.
Nixon must think all the hippies are commie-fag-junkies!
by thedzone October 01, 2009
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