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14 definitions by the_guy

An abnormally large penis. Derived from the 3-foot long penis of a slave seen in the movie "Amistad"
Naim says he has the AP, but everybody knows that shit ain't true.
by the_guy January 14, 2005
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Carnival workers. Good, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, good-for-nothing, unreliable, foul-smelling vagrants who work at our nation's (USA) carnivals.

Do not let these people into your homes.
The effing carnie sat on the couch and now we have to burn it... and him. Wheres my wallet?
by the_guy January 14, 2005
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a male who often feasts on the peni of other males.
A female with similar dining habits is simply a woman
President Bush sure is a cock muncher!
by the_guy January 14, 2005
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The art of Got ems. Very similar to but slightly different than Ship Its.
CM: Boom?
Spano: Do It.
CM: Boom.
by the_guy April 24, 2006
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Verbal exclamation mark used to enhance a boom.
Pat!: Fuck yo' momma.
Wheelz: GOT EM
by the_guy April 24, 2006
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An ejaculatory bomb reaching speeds of at least Mach-2 and usually involving no less than 6 ounces of fluid. A true "rocket" travels at thrice (or more) the distance of ones normal load and has been known to target the eyeball, inner ear and ceiling. The rocket can be measured by torso length and/or mouthfull.
Oh snap, my jizz rocket shot 4-torsos; thats a new Personal Best!
by the_guy January 14, 2005
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World famous adult film star. Has starred in such films as: Butt Pirates of the Caribbean, Ed's Wood, 21 Hump Street, Edward Penis Hands, Whos Touching Gilbert's Grapes?, Cockolat, Blow, (Humping) The ASStronaut's Wife, Dick of Time, Finding Neverland: Stories from under the Ball-Sack, and Queer and hoing in Las Vegas.
Damn son, Jonny Deep has the AP!
by the_guy January 20, 2005
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