Epic stylish guy. Helps you feel better when down. Laughs a lot and helps you a lot in some subjects. Fights for friendship. He is epic.
Hey naim!

Hi bro wad up?
by lovemyself.com February 2, 2017
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A term used in describing one who has great amounts of sexual potential. A "naim" is generally one who always hangs around girls and "gets" his own. Usually it is used in "girl talk" to talk about a man who they find hot or sexy. Also used as a term meaning a man has a large penis.
"that guy was such a naim, he always has a girl"

"o look at that guy, hes cute, i bet hes a naim!"

" o wow, NAIM! "
by dr. P redhmen May 2, 2009
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The definition of 'anak soleh'
Wow, tengok tu naim lah!
by I'm not naim November 23, 2021
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Naim is a beautiful person who cares about people, he wishes to write his wrongs and his misdoings (including the fact he's gone after people much younger then him) but he's a changed man and wishes to do better, If you know a Naim, give him a pat on the back and tell him that he's gonna be okay, maybe give him a little sloppy too.
Random person: "It's okay Naim, you'll get through this!"
Naim: "Thanks."
by JustA_normalPsuedonym December 2, 2022
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Manly, tough, muscular, tan, sex-god. He is a Naim. He has a large penis, which girls are attracted to. He is followed by girls constantly, begging to sleep with him. Can beat anyone in competitions: videogames, sports, and thumb wars. A Naim is good at everything. He has unlimited amount of friends, and never carries condoms with him. He has a lot of sexual activity weekly. Has the ability to ejaculate mouthfulls of semen.
Damn, who's he?

Oh, he's Naim

Ohhh... He's hot
by joeylefj8989 December 8, 2010
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the word naim means king or the Realest nigga in the slums. He is never lacking on the op block. he is the best soccer player and bet mike tyson in a boxing match 9999 times with his eyes closed. he cheffed up all da mandem and he taught ronaldo how to play football
ayo naim can u back me
by hdud29ue923fh823 May 23, 2022
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A word describing the act of giving (or getting) caressed in a loving manner. Derived from the Hebrew word for "pleasantness", it's commonly used when asking to be caressed, like a child would ask a parent or a person would ask his or her lover.
Honey, please give me Naim on my back?
Son, would you like some Naim?
by spinelesss May 25, 2014
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