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A form of the word respect. Usually because we're just too frickin' lazy to pronounce the "t"
Boy you best gimme my respeck.
by Steamroller May 24, 2006
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Something that Birdman said to Charlamagne Tha God, over some jungle music shit.
Birdman walks in to the power 105 studio with 20 goons straight outta da ghetto
Birdman:Stop Playin wit my name.. Nigga when my name come up respeck it. Stop Playin wit my fuckin name. (Starts Crying) All tree of yall stop playin wit my name. I aint gonna say it no more. ..... Two minutes go by, then Birdman gets put on the spot.

Birdman: When yall say my name put some respeck on it
Charlamagne Tha God: Did you pull up on ross that way or trick daddy?
Birdman: Man im pullin up on you NIGGA......

Thats how you use it in a sentence...... Yall Finished Or Yall Done?
by Swag boy operator 420 May 23, 2016
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Made popular by gay rapper BirdMan in 2016 after his run in on radio morning show ''The Breakfast Club'' went viral.
''Put some respeck on it!'' ''All tree of yalls, Respeck my name!'' ''Respeck it!''
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by Kira Kai October 17, 2016
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n. respect

Usually used when demanding respect from radio personnel.
I want all tree of y'all to stop playing with my fucking name
When my name come up, y'all better put some respeck on it!

- Birdman a.k.a Baby
by niggangelo May 30, 2016
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The way that a girl who is being cute and adorable will pronounce "respect" when playing cutesy pretend-arguing with her man. It is like an intimate relationship pet-talk that isn't meant to be taken seriously.
"I dunno why I nevers get no respecks around here!"

"I get no respeck."
by No-Respecks! December 13, 2009
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