to be someone's comfort, the one person who takes all your worries away. their solace
friend: “hey do you know sammy?”
you: “ yeah she’s my blue”
friend: “ what’s blue?”
you: “someone you can call your comfort
by booyiberry November 8, 2020
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your blue is the one you most care for, your bestfriend, your soulmate even, your blue is the one that your close to.
you: your my blue!
friend/partner:im your what?
you: my blue! the one ill care for and the one that saved me!
by maxxthecoolguy:3 May 26, 2023
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Someone who hurt you w/o a care on how you felt. Left you alone. Left you at your lowest. Basically someone/something or some situation that hurt you so bad that changed you forever.

Now you are numb. Now have trust issues/commitment issues/push people away and etc.

And think you are alone no matter if others tell you otherwise.
Your blue is someone/something that changed or hurt you forever...
by rockyroad7 November 2, 2020
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“my blue” is someone who hurt or left you even though you were all they had.
he broke my heart and now he’s my blue.
by anorexicbitch47 November 4, 2020
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someone who hurt you; someone who broke you. yet you can't seem to get over them/let them go. because even though they hurt us the most, they are simply unforgettable.
"Hey, you know Al?"
"Yeah, I know him. He's my blue."
by itsvalentinesss September 26, 2021
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The person who is always there for you. A calm and responsible person that you can trust and depend on even when you've hurt them.
"Who do you call when you need help?"
"My Blue, they're always there for me"
by Troykiekie December 9, 2020
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A person who you go to first when you need someone, you tell each other EVERYTHING.
My-Blue, how are you today?
My-Blue, did you hear what Suzie said?
I love you, My-Blue.
by Your-Blue February 23, 2022
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