8 definitions by the-moyni

A chick you would do, but so nasty, that you wouldn't want to tell your friends about it.
That chick is like an El Camino. Fun to ride until your friends see you.
by the-moyni May 30, 2009
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Meaning no or without nuts. Not wanting nuts on something.
Dude 1: I like to get the female Midnight Madness at Jerry's Deli.
Dude 2: What do you mean?
Dude 1: I don't want nuts on it.
by the-moyni May 30, 2009
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A group of 2 or more super fine mexy chicks.
The summer always brings out the best groups of mexies in the shortest skirts. Too bad they don't know how to swim, or we would see them in a a bikini.
by the-moyni May 20, 2009
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A chick with a longer upper body then lower body. They appear to be short and stumpy, much like a hobbit.
Look at that hobbit chick, her legs are so short. I wonder if she knows Gandalf?
by the-moyni May 23, 2009
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Someone who is both a dick and a bitch at the same time.
Dave is always a bitchdick one Fridays when he leaves before I get a chance to tell him he is working tomorrow.
by the-moyni May 23, 2009
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A fat chick shaped like, and often confused for a teletubby.
Dude 1: Is that the purple teletubby?
Dude 2: No that's just a fat chick wearing purple.
by the-moyni May 24, 2009
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