Mayra,Most likly Latina, Is a beautiful, Strong, and funny girl. She supports her friends and her family(loyal). Her personallyity and smile is so bright it could blind a room.But don't be fooled she is still very confident and will stand up for herself and others
Mayra: Hey, are you ok?
Sad stranger: No i'm sad
Mayra: Sorry for that I hope your day gets better.
Sad stranger: Thanks it already is.
Other person1:Wow she's really nice
Other person2: Yep, Her name is Mayra.
by Jessica Stakel October 4, 2019
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Mayra is a Beautiful Latina girl has been through some rough stuff she always puts a smile on even tho she is sad she is a great person and is very caring and funny if you ever meet a Mayra your the luckiest person
Mayra has a beautiful smile
by Tbh10 April 23, 2020
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Mayra is one of the most hands down Hottest persons you will ever know and see she is sweet with a Big heart and Insanley Smart and you can’t get her eyes off of her. She will Always make you smile and you will never regret being with her or being just her friends and if you ever see her BACK OFF 😭jk If you read this Mayra. I Love you 😘
Dam Mayra She HOT 🥵 AND Sweet
by ❤️Malex❤️ November 9, 2019
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Mayra, most likely latina with a big heart, lovely cakes, dreams, and comic books, and family issues.
"Mayra is so beautiful... Too bad i can't take her out."
by Google.julio March 13, 2017
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Mayra's are usually breathe-taking and have an incredible sense of style. They usually make really good friends and are really original. They have good sense of music, and make people smile uncontrollably. They commonly make boys choke on their words, and make girls jealous of their charm. Most have gorgeous hair, and unbelievably beautiful faces that resemble angels.
Oh my gosh, I think I'm in Love." "That's the work of a Mayra.
by loverofmayra;) December 12, 2010
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(I was just about to put the same definition!! Who are you, Mayra?)
The singlehandedly most attractive girl in high school. There is no guy who can't stop looking at her. But these guys don't wanna bang her like a rag doll. This Mayra manages to be so perfect, that every guy respects her just from looking at her perfection.
Holy shit, Mayra is so perfect that I didn't even need to get an erection!
by Balano May 3, 2003
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pretty,smart,strange,and she speaks anthing that is on her mind
Though Mayra said she would makeout with a girl is she was hot i still swoon when she passes by.
by TURKEY-LIZARD March 26, 2004
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