A distance relation to a Snorlax
Hey camino! You look a bit like a Snorlax.
by Camino August 12, 2011
best kind of car ever, if you dont think so you suck
a car is just a car, but an El Camino, is a lifestyle
by anonymous March 8, 2005
Inspired by Earl Hickey's hoopty-ride on the "My Name Is Earl" TV series.

An older, well used and abused car or station wagon that has been crudely cut up and modified to become a sort of pick-up truck. Similar to a Chevy El Camino, Ford Ranchero or an Australian "ute", but must appear to be handbuilt. Ideally, the body panels should be at least three different colors, or two colors and primer. Extra style points for rust, exposed welds and use of duct tape. These vehicles are also referred to as El Cars or El Trucks.
"Check out the mullet on that guy in the Earl Camino parked next to us!"
by Luke Warmwater November 17, 2007
1. Possibly the greatest car ever made.
2. Car-Truck hybrid.
3. Spanish for "The Camino."
El Camino
El Camino
The front is like a car
The back is like a truck
The front is where you drive
The back is where you ...
El Camino
El Camino
by h1rosh33m4 March 8, 2009
spanish for *the road*, was a truck produced first in 1959 by chevrolet in relatiation to fords succesful Ranchero. with the styling and comfort of a sedan or luxury that, with the right factory package, would preform just as well as an SS. for esample the 77 classic. not only will it haul heavy loads, they will also haul some major a**. basically the best of both worlds. u get luxury with hauling room and then some.
example given, 1972 elcamino was basically a chevell hardtop with a truckbed. look it up if u dont believe me... from the front, i couldve swore it was a chevell...but it was an el camino...
by jckbckhm August 27, 2010
Chevrolet sports truck made from approx. 1964-1987

One of Americas most underrated muscle cars.
Most notable bodies come from 78-87 models.
by xjohox July 25, 2005
A car in front, and a truck in the back. The coolest, mulletest car ever. They stopped making these babies in '86.
When my friends saw my El Camino, they began to argue over whether it was a car or a truck.
by Indeed! August 10, 2005