the kick off of the beginning of a high school sports season (usually football) in which a team practices at the earliest possible moment, so they can kick extra ass in all of their games. FOOOTTBAAALLLL!!
Johnny: "Hey are you going to midnight madness tonight?"
Jimmy: "Hell Yeah! Our football team is gunna be AWESOME this year!"
Johnny: "FUCK YEA!!"
by crazycaddy August 14, 2011
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12:00 AM of the date when college basketball practice begins.

Colleges have midnight celebrations including split squad games and slam dunk contests
After we watch Doug Wiggins throw down a reverse 360 at Midnight Madness, we're going to Carriage House.
by FlawlessWalrus March 21, 2006
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The condition of extreme lack of good judgment that sets in usually after 11 pm and often on a Friday night after working a 12 hour shift and then staying up all night partying or gaming with no regard to your body's extreme physical demand for sleep.

Often characterized by waking up the next day and only having vague recollections of what extremely dirty things you said, did, or items of clothing you took off the night before.

Evidence of recent midnight madness includes an empty 12 pack of Mt. Dew (or an empty 5th), car parked sideways on the lawn, finding someone else's keys in your panties....and the inevitable awkward feeling when you catch your friends or your boss looking at you sideways.
I need a vaccine for Midnight Madness because every time I'm up till 3 am gaming, I get slammed with IM's from love besotted 19 year old boys the next day.
by Ravenne1 August 10, 2009
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An alcoholic shot consisting of 2 parts absinthe, 1 part Nyquil. Midnight madness refers to both an annual collegiate pep-rally gathering which occurs at midnight on many college campuses, and in this case refers to college students drinking Nyquil, a nighttime ailment preventative, combined with a wormwood and thujone based alcohol that can cause hallucinations and temporary cranial madness.
by Hermanos February 13, 2011
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Malady characterized by extreme anticipation of Halo 2. Symptoms may include bumrushing EB Games at midnight for a copy of the game. Side affects may include playing the damn game until 4 in the morning and showing up to school with bleeding eyes.
Brian curesed himself for participating in that Midnight Madness, for he could no longer see and had just failed a AP Lit interpretation
by Stevie Wonder On Crack November 09, 2004
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After drinking 1/2 gallon of Canadian Mist, doing any of the following:

1. Warming up frozen ice cream directly on a burner

2. Applicating butter to any known edible surface.

3. Walking in your sleep to any food source or other caloric beverages.
Me: Checkout Rivers over there, he's got another case of the 'Midnight Madness'.

Friend: Whoa Nelly, break at the HoHos and Ding Dongs - because the quivering man-boobs beast is about to strike!
by @Skeletor@ January 22, 2004
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