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Verb: The sexual act that consists of the dominant partner, either male or female, giving the more subtle female partner pleasure by inserting the index and middle fingers into her vagina and the pinky finger of the same hand into her anus. She is pleasured by the slow/fast thrusting of the hand in and out of the orifices.

The Shocker is also known as:
1. 2 in the juice, 1 in the deuce
2. 2 in the pookie, 1 in the dookie
3. 2 in the cummer, 1 in the plumber
4. 2 in the meat pie, 1 in the brown eye
5. 2 in the kook, 1 in the dook

Noun: That really intense yellow bad guy from the Spiderman comics.
Marc: "Whats the shocker?"
Taylor: "Its two in the fish bowl, one in the corn-hole!"

Spiderman: "Oh god, its the shocker!"
by the storm drains May 02, 2008

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noun: when a person gets really excited about jesus, the teachings/words of jesus, or anything relating to jesus. the reultant is a massive jesus boner.
While I was in church, I had the eerie feling that I was surrounded by about 150 jesus boners.

The pope has the worlds largest jesus boner. what a stud.
by the storm drains May 07, 2008

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noun: a group of hypocritical ass-faces who decided to black mark every album containing explicit photos, lyrics, or themes because they felt violence in children stemmed from music media. apparently they thought it was ok for jesus boner parents to force christian rock that preaches bible messages and one-way mindsets of life down their kids throats, while punk, metal, and rap were all deemed "bad" cuz they either say fuck, pussy, or anarchy in the lyrics. more to the point, these three music genres all encourage people to convey their own individuality and self-expressive capabilities. once again, these people are douchebags.

acronym for the Parent Music Resource Center.
Jello Biafra, Dee Snider, and Eazy-E all fought the PMRC; that is yet another reason as to why they are legendary.
by the storm drains May 06, 2009

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For straight males only:
When you just finished a sexual encounter with your woman, and you lie down next to her for a breather. If she stradles you, her pussy lips will touch your leg and leave a wet, sticky mark composed of vaginal juices and/or cum. This mark looks somewhat like a kiss.
I was bangin' away at this chick who was lucky to have me, and after 2 hours I needed a break. Out of the blue she turns over and spoons me, giving me a sloppy pussy kiss.. ugh!
by the storm drains September 26, 2008

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a saying used for situations where actually being raped by a shark would be more appealing than taking part in the said situations.
I'd rather be raped by a shark than go in to work on the weekend.

"I'd rather be raped by a shark than raped by your mom." -kj&th
by the storm drains October 13, 2008

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noun: one's pooper
gentlemen, rest your sphincters!
by the storm drains April 18, 2009

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noun: when a person has every known STD, at one time. it's pretty much the most disturbing thing that could ever be found in a persons pants.
I took this uber hot chick home for a whole lotta love, and it turns out she had a nasty case of gona-herpa-tita-warts! I still fucked her though, cuz I was too horny.
by the storm drains May 07, 2008

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