44 definitions by the storm drains

noun: a complete and total loser at life.
taylor: hey man have you talked to ray lately?
marc: fuck no! that guy has never had a girlfriend, doesn't drive, is 37 and still lives at home. hes a total arsefodder!
by the storm drains May 25, 2009
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noun: a hard, conical shaped poo that comes out thin side first, thickest side last. 99% of all pinecone's result in excessive pushing, a clenched jaw, and extreme discomfort. a pinecone is similar to a feet-first birth.
marc: "dude, i just shat a massive pinecone!"
chris: "thats disturbing.."
by the storm drains May 19, 2009
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noun: a group of hypocritical ass-faces who decided to black mark every album containing explicit photos, lyrics, or themes because they felt violence in children stemmed from music media. apparently they thought it was ok for jesus boner parents to force christian rock that preaches bible messages and one-way mindsets of life down their kids throats, while punk, metal, and rap were all deemed "bad" cuz they either say fuck, pussy, or anarchy in the lyrics. more to the point, these three music genres all encourage people to convey their own individuality and self-expressive capabilities. once again, these people are douchebags.

acronym for the Parent Music Resource Center.
Jello Biafra, Dee Snider, and Eazy-E all fought the PMRC; that is yet another reason as to why they are legendary.
by the storm drains May 06, 2009
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noun: a hit from a bong or pipe that is small and reserved, so as the smoker can conserve their product until more can be purchased.
the hobo on the corner is forced to take one measly broke toke a day.
by the storm drains June 21, 2009
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noun: any person who cant live without being penetrated by a cock every single day. it is highly likely that this person would be labelled by society as a skank.
"We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a cock.
But it wasn't a cock,
It was a cock mobster!!!"

Dave: "The cock mobster i mail-ordered from Iceland came with a predisposed case of gona-herpa-tita-warts! soooooo not cool, man..."
by the storm drains May 19, 2009
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noun: a modern day superhero. on the surface he looks like a clean-shaven, well kept gentleman. but really.... he's the sole force against evil in this hostile world. he's 100% man, and 10% briefcase. his briefcase is composed out of the hides of baby manatees and the tail fin of a basking shark, which he killed with his icy gaze. no one is sure of the contents of the briefcase, but several have tried to find out; unfortunately they failed, resulting in horrible deaths. it is known that Captain Briefcase lives in a doorless house with no windows; he simply walks through the walls to get inside. the only contents of his house are a sharp razor, a change of basketball shorts, and small white t-shirts. this guy is so intense, he killed two stones with one briefcase.
taylor: goddam, psychology is sooooo boring!

mike: seriously, i wish something cool would happen today.

marc: i cant even stay awake...

*Captain Briefcase enters the room*

taylor, mike, and marc: OH FUCK!

*everyone is turned to stone*
by the storm drains May 18, 2009
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