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noun: when a person gets really excited about jesus, the teachings/words of jesus, or anything relating to jesus. the reultant is a massive jesus boner.
While I was in church, I had the eerie feling that I was surrounded by about 150 jesus boners.

The pope has the worlds largest jesus boner. what a stud.
by the storm drains May 7, 2008
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I wish I could rent a female wiener cleaner for the weekend.
by the storm drains September 28, 2009
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noun: a hit from a bong or pipe that is small and reserved, so as the smoker can conserve their product until more can be purchased.
the hobo on the corner is forced to take one measly broke toke a day.
by the storm drains June 22, 2009
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noun: any chemical compound that kills sperm (also known as splooge)
most male contraceptives come with plenty of sploogicide
by the storm drains September 7, 2009
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noun: an interjection used for situations where the subject is both pissed off and under extreme stress to succeed.
combination of the words "damn" and "domination"
chris: "the good news is that we can still catch them if we hurry. the bad news is they stole your money, girl, and guitar.."
marc: "damnination!!!!"

dave: "yo homie, what you got?"
taylor: "i got product, but it's not that good."
dave: "damnination!"
by the storm drains July 3, 2009
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adj: really, really awesome.
taylor: so what'd you think of the two ashleys making out last night?
marc: it was fuckin INTENSE!!
by the storm drains June 22, 2009
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noun: a city in orange county, california. nothing exciting goes on in garden grove, and life in it is dull. for some reason, asians find the city very attractive and have unfortunately over-populated it. sublime's song 'garden grove' on their self-titled LP is about the same city.
"we took this trip to garden grove."

chris: "ugh, it smells like fried cat and wasabi squash."
taylor: "we must be in garden grove."
by the storm drains May 16, 2009
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