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noun: a city in orange county, california. nothing exciting goes on in garden grove, and life in it is dull. for some reason, asians find the city very attractive and have unfortunately over-populated it. sublime's song 'garden grove' on their self-titled LP is about the same city.
"we took this trip to garden grove."

chris: "ugh, it smells like fried cat and wasabi squash."
taylor: "we must be in garden grove."
by the storm drains May 16, 2009
I wish I could rent a female wiener cleaner for the weekend.
by the storm drains September 28, 2009
adj: really, really awesome.
taylor: so what'd you think of the two ashleys making out last night?
marc: it was fuckin INTENSE!!
by the storm drains June 22, 2009
when someone gives a blowjob simply for a favor they will later recieve from the blowjob recipient.

formed from "quid pro quo" (that which a party is given in return for something he/she does or gives)

and "blowjob" (that which feels really goddam good when given by a skilled person)
i get quid pro quo-jobs from my girlfriend.. she only sucks me off so i feel obligated too eat her out.
by the storm drains May 8, 2009
The organist, keyboardist, keyboard-bassist for the 1960's and 1970's LA rock band The Doors. Ray attended UCLA film school with Jim Morrison and they formed the band in 1966. When singer Morrison was too drunk to sing, Ray would take his place for him. Thats right; he played the organ, keyboard-bass, AND sang at the smae time!!
Ray's also pretty much the studliest person to ever wear Ray Bans, period.
T: "Ray Manzarek is the most intense guy in the world."
M: "He's gotta butt-chin and sum massive sideburns."
T: "Bet he's hung like a camel though!"
by the storm drains May 3, 2008
noun: any excess of skin that hangs from something's neck
Old Man Jenkins and his pet turkey have massive gobblers.
by the storm drains September 20, 2009
noun: any chemical compound that kills sperm (also known as splooge)
most male contraceptives come with plenty of sploogicide
by the storm drains September 7, 2009