A long-standing manufacturer of motorhomes. In recent years, they've seemed to put out quite a few models that looked like just long, nondescript boxes on wheels.

For many years, "Winnebago" has been used as a synonym for "motorhome" -- regardless of its manufacturer.
Dude! Check out that bitchin' Winnebago over there!
by Jason L. April 14, 2005
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A cute, little town in southern Minnesota. There is a wide amount of fun activities, ranging from selling Meth, over rubbing one‘s genitals in another person‘s face, getting pregnant at 16, to smoking pot. It’s lit.
Person A: “Let‘s drop out of High School and send to the Alternative Learning Center in Winnebago so we can do Meth in school“
Person B: “What a fabulous idea!”
by NoShitSherlock111 June 18, 2018
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a language where most of the words are spoken like coughs.
Used mainly to mock people (or their vehicles) while making them confused at what you just said.
Bro 1: 'Dude is that really what I think I see?'
<Girl walk by with major camel toe>
Bro 2: '<cough>!winnebago!</cough>
by goatgiver June 22, 2011
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Check out the winnebagos on that lady.
by Karl8412 March 29, 2009
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n. pl. Winnebago or Win·ne·ba·gos or Win·ne·ba·goes

1.) Any teen who thinks that being an emo is the best thing in the world to the point that they try their hardest to look the part. So hard that they surpass a wannabemo in faggotry and become a winnebago. Disgrace to human beings.

2.) A lake of eastern Wisconsin traversed by the Fox River.

3.) A brand of Recreation Vehicle.
1.) See that kid? With black hair, fingernails, and a black iPod? Wearing "Scene" clothes that make him look really gay? Yeah, that's a Winnebago. Not just a wannabemo anymore, no, he surpassed that due to trying WAY TOO FUCKING HARD to be emo. I'd like to gun him down.

2.) Yeah... A lake. Not much to say.

It has fish.

3.) Solid Snake would like their latest models.
by TheRealFolkBlues January 22, 2006
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the easy way to remember it is two in the pink and one in the stink. basically its two dicks in the pussy and one in the ass at the same time
i was watching a porno and these three guys ran a winnebago on this one chick
by ronib lindsley March 4, 2004
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