The act in which two red-headed lesbians scissors, causing their red pubic hair to rub together vigorously.
Yesterday I walked in on my mom and Wendy starting a forest fire. I think I lost interest in all women.

Dang Jim, don't get caught in that forest fire over there.
by Eugene Horney September 10, 2010
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a forest fire happens when someone with excessively long pubic hairs fucks for too long and too hard, way past the point of bush burn. Forest fires occur when the pubic hairs become so heated by friction that they combust, resulting in a very un pleasent dilema.
"hey, i heard you give it to a woman hard, you wanna head up to my room"

"yeah well let me shave my shit first...don't want another forest fire happenin'.
by The-Mathias July 11, 2008
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While masterbating without lotion, the heat from the friction causes the pubic hair to ignite.
Phil doesn't have to shave now because of the forest fire last night.
by PSpin420 November 2, 2009
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When a bunch of gingers are together in one place
Look at that forest fire!!!!! owait its just reber
by ilovetofuckgingers November 9, 2007
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Noun. The term for outdoor sex with a redheaded person.
"I enjoyed a forest fire with my ginger boyfriend the other night."
by Yoyomaaa June 24, 2014
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Fires don't just come from lightning, so the same is true of forest fires. They're as likely to come from industrial sources, or from humans, just like city fires.
Fire is as likely to come from arson as it is anywhere else, and it's a little suspect when someone tries to get somebody else to quickly rule out arson as even a possibility rather than as absolute, the way some writers write stories in the news about how the fire is thought to or does absolutely come from lightning, without offering any other realistic possibilities. Does telling people a fire came from lightning rather than arson or another source really make them feel safer when they can end up just as dead from a fire that started from lightning? Theres no good reason people shouldn't question or speculate about where forest fires came from, especially when it's all over the west coast, which is unusual most years (even for fire prone areas).
by Solid Mantis September 11, 2020
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