A guy that does it with a dirty, ugly or gross girl as he has no better options. taken from the expression "you have to slay a few dragons to get to the princess."
"Well buddy, looks like im going to have to be a dragon slayer tonight."
by carr February 27, 2005
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A dragon slayer is a medium build guy who repeatedly takes home the fattest, ugliest whore from the bar.
(You see the dragon slayer leaving with one of these things)
"Do not unsheath your sword tonight good sir!"
by Samsquamch II February 29, 2008
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Guys who solely dates fat ugly chicks, because they have no other options as all the princess will not even look at them.
by sanchezes January 3, 2006
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From,"You gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess" a dragon slayer is someone who is out doing dirties with the hopes of finding a nice girl to really date. Or he's just using it as an excuse for never settling down.
"Gillies has been slaying dragons longer than Jesus!"
"He'll never get to a princess"
"No way does he even want to!"
by mifter July 28, 2005
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A guy who constantly sleeps with "dragons" which is another way of saying fat chicks
Guy1: Bro did you seriously bang that twenty eight year old dragon last night, she easily must have been two hundred fifty pounds.
Guy2: As a dragon slayer it is my duty to keep these dragons away from the castle and in the dungeon (my bedroom)
Guy1: But why so often, that was your fifth dragon this week?
Guy2: Well you know what they say, every knight must slay a few dragons before he finds his princess
by medievalman3434 December 2, 2010
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Someone who is extremely proficient at playing video games, often displaying a mastery of multiple systems (PS2, Xbox 360, Game Cube, PC, etc).
You don't stand a chance of beating Justin at Madden, that guy's a dragon slayer.
by threespot November 2, 2006
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when a female preforms a hand-job on a male while wearing a ring or rings and therefore rips the skin of the penis
that stupid bitch didn't take off her rings and gave me a dragon slayer
by matty rodger May 23, 2004
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