Def. Your roster consists of 2 or more women that you are dealing with. The women on your roster can be called up at any time for sex or whatever role you have given them. Pimps back in the day had rosters and stables and the women they had on their rosters and stables knew about their pimps roster and stables and the other women on them, and they also knew their role on their pimps roster and in their stables. You can rank the women on your roster wherever you want because it's your roster and it should match your tastes.

Rules to the roster
1. A roster cannot consist of 1 woman, it must consist of at least 2 or more women
2. Your roster can only consist of women you are currently dealing with
3. If you are on her roster that means she is not on yours
4. Your roster is NOT your body count
5. Your Roster and your stable are two different things. Your roster and the women on it are specifically just for you. Whereas having a stable is like renting out horses, that's why pimps would use the word stable and not roster because they were making money off their hoes. You can have a stable for business reasons (like the pimps did) and a roster for personal reasons (personal ranking of the women you deal with ) but you best have that shit down in your mind and know how that shit works because just like a computer that shit will blow up in your face if you wire it wrong.
"All the women on my roster know their roles and know about each other."
"Hey dude, I just started dealing with this dime piece... she's my second one, I got a roster now."
"I don't keep no nickels on my roster"
by realboujee May 16, 2023
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Your group of friends.
"What are you doing tonight buddy?"
"I don't know, the roster's empty. Bill's at the lake, Seabass is out with his wifey, Shaun is just a loser now, and Ciggy called a dragon slayer without me."
by the product September 14, 2005
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a roster is a group of girls that can be called on at any time for casual sex, these girls don't know about the roster or each other, to add girls to this group is known as building your roster.
dude she's hot, you should add her to your roster
by BarbellBros November 11, 2015
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list of people in which a person has had sex with
My roster would be very empty so to say I'm a virgin.
by Ashton Kutcher June 27, 2003
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A person who has sex or talks to multiple people or send nudes to multiple people and gives the same energy as they give one person in there phone

They fuck multiple people in a year or they send nudes or they self to hella people
Damn he or she fine i gotta add them to my roster ASAP
by Hoeee goddd October 30, 2020
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Roster Stalking is useful when attempting to determine the name of a classmate with whom you have never spoken. It is performed by perusing the online roster of a class, and then typing those names into Facebook until you recognize the picture of the person you are trying to find. A useful tool, but can quickly devolve into creeping.
I dunno, better Roster Stalk her.
by smangin ben January 6, 2011
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When one becomes so excited and aroused about their fantasy football lineup on a certain week that it leads to long periods of ejaculation and excitement.
I can't believe Roddy White and Matt Ryan are playing against the Lions this week. Excuse me while I go to my bedroom and roster-bate. Don't hate, Roster-bate.
by Fantasy Footaball Guru November 23, 2010
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