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The act of going on a walk while drinking beer. A "Beer wALK".
Dude 1-Hey man you want to go on a walk?

Dude 2-Not really, that sounds gay.

Dude 1-I'll have beers.

Dude 2-Oh a balk! Why didn't you say so.
by jaimeburro3 July 14, 2010
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Baseball: To make an illegal motion ingame.
THe pitcher balked and allowed the runner to go in for the winning run.
by Baseball Dude July 17, 2005
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The setting: You're pumping drinks into this girl, chatting her up all night. You even tolerate her annoying fat friend. Finally, she agrees to come back to your place.

The balk: You're too much of a vagine (vă-ĝeen) to close the deal: and you're forced to cuddle all night long
Duke spent $30 on Malibu Bay Breeze at the bar so this 7, maybe 8, would come home with him. While lying in bed with her, he accidentally forgot where he placed his testicles and balked his way through 8 hours of warm, cuddly, awkward boner hours.
by Turkey Bacon February 08, 2013
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When, in sexual intercourse, one makes a wrong move, ie, a slap on the ass, and the partner is appauled. They then stop all ensuing action.
"When I asked her about eating a sandwich in bed last night, it was a total balk."
by the product December 04, 2005
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When it’s someones birthday who’s worth stalking. You look though their Facebook birthday posts giving them a good balk (A birthday stalk)
Anna: hey did you look at Max’s birthday posts

Me: balking him right now !
by GuacamoleSwagMaster2000 October 27, 2017
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