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The most boring town in Indiana. A place where people want to move away from. A ghost town.
I live in LaPorte and really want to move away
by Amy L McG August 30, 2008
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1. hick town
2. little mexico
3. some little bum place in northern indiana
4. French for the door
Boy - Let's go over to La Porte
Other Boy - Why? We're already bored.

Girl - Let's go to La Porte
Friend - I don't speak spanish
by sweetiepie1988 April 20, 2009
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Laporte, Colorado is a small town just northwest of Fort Collins right along the foothills. The residents include: Serial Killers, Drug Dealers, Drunks, Hippies, and all the people passing through on their way to go camping or boating on whorestooth reservoir.

The town consists of: An extremely overpriced grocery store, 2 Liquor stores, A pizza place, a restaurant famous for their cinnamon rolls, 2 bars (one trashy & one hippie), a gun shop, a dollar store, an auto repair shop, several extremely trashy trailer parks, and a carwash along with all the smaller stores in kintzley plaza that nobody ever really goes to.
"You hear about the guy that killed his wife in Vern's trailer park out in Laporte?"
"Which one?"
by TasakiDog October 08, 2008
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