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Only Catholic school in Oshawa packed full of preps, preggos and potheads

Best known for their pretty good musical productions, mean girls style cliques, their ongoing beef with every other school in oshawa (let's not forget the infamous mclaughlin vs dwyer fight at the depot which ended in someone getting a screwdriver through the mouth), football and track programs and kilts so short you see way more then you should walking down the halls.
"damn where did all these blonde barbies come from?"
"prob go to dwyer"
by wallab32 May 25, 2009
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A funny small person with not much hair. A Dwyer will always beleive that he has superior intelect to his peers, but this is seldom the case. He is a simple character, not very quick on the uptake, and enjoys working with registers.
That person is so simple, look at him there working at his registers! He is such a Dwyer!
by Hood-rat May 08, 2003
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The art of saying to a person of the opposite sex who likes you something they will dislike, and making them never talk to you again.
He dwyered himself once again.
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
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A man who prefers the pork sword rather than the beef curtains, a gayboy, a ponce, has home-erotic tendancies.
she tried to fuck him but he turned out to be a dwyer

I hate all these fucking dwyers

those stupid ass dwyers on tv all the time-fuckin gays!
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This refers to an undesirable condition also known as obesity, caused mainly, but not solely, by an excessive intake of "Fray Bentos" pies.
This happens to some lecturers, especially those who mix Fray Bentos pies with diet coke
by Paul Bagguley December 16, 2003
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Dwyer means nigga in some Asian languages I want everyone to know this
Oi fam your a little Dwyer
by Paullliio August 27, 2019
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