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A bag which contains the body parts of a murdered woman.
Jimmy is in the bath room cutting Karen up, I think he is going to stuff her into a bitch bag then dump her into the river.
by textfile232 December 29, 2005
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Something, Someone or an action that is beyond disgusting
1. That dead cat is sickening
2. That bum's oder is sickening
3. It's sickening the way Bush runs America
by textfile232 January 11, 2006
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A no good fuck face who you can never trust.
That priest who molested my Child is a fucking dick sack!
by textfile232 January 1, 2006
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Often used to show excitment with underlining uncertainty.
Person 1: I had a car crash, but no one was hurt
Person 2: For seriously?!!
by textfile232 January 10, 2006
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1. Many Mexican people riding in a really shitty old truck.

2. An over crowded vehicle.
Look at those Mexicans coming back from their landscaping job, I can't believe they have 20 people in that shit box, they are really spick'in it!
by textfile232 December 29, 2005
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I worked at a summer camp a few years ago and an inner city kid told me that this expression derives from the term off the hook. However is something is off the chain it is far more exciting and possibly even enchanting.
Jamal thought his rapping was off the Chain but monique and moesha thought he was wack!
by textfile232 January 5, 2006
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A pornographers term used in the observation of a females anus the moment after a throbbing penis was pulled from it. Also known as "gapping".
I pounded her ass untill I shot my load, then I pulled out so I could gap that ass so good!
by textfile232 January 2, 2006
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