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The best kind of people. Funny. Hot. With nice tan skin. Often steriotyped as poor but in real life, very succesful. They can cook the best food and have the best accents.
-I love coming over my mexican friends house, they have the best food!
-yea me too, mexican people are the best
by zzzz14 November 22, 2014
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Most people think of mexican people as poor but let me tell you mi amigo mexican people are the richest race in the world, I mean how else where they able to jump the border and keep hidden from the police? Exactly you don't know because you aren't as rich as them. Next time a mexican assaults you with a chancla you should feel blessed they'll also make you some tacos and give you tequila because they don't like it when you run away from the assault or fight back so they MUST fatten you up first so remember mi frends next time an illegal immigrant tries to take your money thank them because they don't need your money but they're still giving you their time and you should really be thankful
Mexican people: hola mi fren do you mind if I assault you with mi chancla? :D


Mexican person: Don't worry I give you taco first :D
by Mexican person January 30, 2019
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Mexican people are like rocks — they're hard, they come from the street, and they number in the millions.
Mexican people are the only people that usually have more than one mother or father.
by WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 22, 2009
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